Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Harlaxton Manor

Harlaxton Manor is an absolutely gorgeous estate set in the slightly rolling countryside of England. It's picturesque towers look out over the farm fields and small cottages that surround it with a stately gaze, serving as a not-so-subtle reminder of Britain's magnanimous past.

The Manor is situated near the city of Grantham and is at the end of a substantial three-hour coach-bus trip North from London. You see it for the first time while driving on the motorway - across brown and green earthy farm fields. The narrow roadway to the Manor's gates crosses through a small story-book residential area (as quaint as you can imagine) before abruptly opening up into the same green fields you noticed before. Then you see the first gates - a towering stone archway, reminiscent of Roman times, just large enough for a single coach bus to travel through. The Manor's lengthy drive stretches out nearly one mile across neatly trimmed green lawns and ends at another archway (just as grandiose as the first, but with elaborate iron gates) and the Manor itself.

Harlaxton Manor's rich history (to be elaborated in a future post) is evident in everything surrounding it. The well maintained lawns and courtyards wrap you up in a sense of wonder and awe that can't be experienced anywhere but while amidst older structures and the history they carry.

These pictures don't do the Manor justice, but highlight what I have the amazing opportunity to see every day this semester. Enjoy:

(How's that for my first attempt at travel magazine writing!)
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Collin said...

Dude, that place is so baller it hurts. The rich folks of yore knew how to keep their homes so real.

KJ said...

I felt like I was reading a travel brochure - excellent!

By the way - I got the 2nd season of Rome which you are welcome to borrow when you get back!