Monday, September 10, 2007

Lincoln, Lincolnshire

The only class I am required to take in my time here at Harlaxton is called "British Studies." It is a comprehensive six-credit overview of British history, from the Celts to the Present. It was described to us as a more detailed history than most British students receive, but I'm not sure abou that.

We are required to go on a series of field trips for this class, and Lincoln was our fist. Lincoln is about an hour's bus ride away from Harlaxton, mostly East and just a little North. We visited to focus on a few things - the Lincoln Cathedral and Castle (two very significant landmarks in the city), the Roman Walls (surprisingly well-preserved remants of Roman rule), and the modern-day reflections of the city's past (i.e. the major ports, the names of historical streets, older buildings used for new things, etc.).

You can view the whole album at: Go to the website, and click the picture of the Roman Arch to get to the full album and read my comments.

Here, I am pictured at the very top of Lincoln Castle (it was quite a climb up that turret!) with Lincoln Cathedral in the background. When it was built, the Lincoln Cathedral was the tallest building in the world (inching past the Sphynx, which had held the previous record).

This is just one of the windows inside the Cathedral. We just happened to be there at the right time! The sun was angling into the windows so well - this is one of my favorite shots!

This is the tomb/monument of one of the Bishops that sat at the Cathedral. The top is a detailed carving of the Bishop as he appeared in life, and the bottom is a dried-looking almost corpse-like figure that is meant to represent the Bishop in death. His message was to emphasize mortality and the frailty of life - but it makes for one interesting monument!

And this is a view of the Lincoln Cathedral from one of the small windows in Lincoln Castle's turret (that I climbed up). It was just a very neat shot that I wanted to share with all of you :)

I currently have no plans for this weekend, but I plan to try to get out to a city of some sort, perhaps just for a day trip. We'll see what happens!
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TK said...

My mum lives six miles outside Lincoln. She likes going into town to do the shopping at the market. Small world, ain't it.