Thursday, October 11, 2007

Strange Happenings...

So I thought an update was in order, after my last post about driving...

Our field trip that day was to Melton Mobray (a city about 12 miles from here) that is famous for a couple of things. 1) Every Tuesday (and then some Fridays/Saturdays) they have a HUGE market in town. Every other day of the week it's apparently a ghost town, but on Market day it's busy! They also have the largest Stock Market (that's animal stock, not securities) in the region (and perhaps Britain). And 2) It's the home of Dickenson and Morris' Pork Pies. Dickenson and Morris is a name that, in this area, makes mouths water. Here we see the owner hand-making one of their famous Pork Pies:

Pork Pies are very similar to Pasty's - they just are round, seasoned/baked a little differently, and only contain meat. They're actually designed to be eaten chilled instead of hot. Dickenson and Morris is well-known for it's meat products (they sell sausages, patries, home-made breads, etc.) and is the only company that sells sausage in Harrods (the famous department store in London). Our Marketing class traveled to the "home base" bakery to learn a little about the Pork Pie process AND this guy's pretty awesome Marketing strategies... All in all (aside from the driving and rain) it was an educational and tasty trip!

But more importantly.... it's become that time... There are some strange things going on around the Manor these days!

It's Halloween Time! Believe me, we are celebrating/decorating... Here are the two happy decorators!

The display was up for about 20 minutes before our RA showed up to tell us it was probably not allowed... So we'll see if we can get away with keeping it (they don't like tape on painted surfaces... though it seems silly to use paint on these doors... we'll see...). We'll keep you posted!

This weekend I'll be heading South to London, then over to Stonehenge, Bath, and the Cotswolds (including Glaucester). Updates when I return!
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MC said...

I want to hear more about these "pretty awesome Marketing strategies".

KJ said...

Inquiring stomachs want to know . . . did you get to taste a pork pie???