Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What to do When You're Supposed to be Working

Yeah that's right - that's a paper model fo the empire state building. It's made of over fifty individual pieces of glossy cardstock, cut, folded and printed to specifications. There's even a paperclip sticking out of the top as a lightening rod.

And yes, that's me. And my Empire State Building. It was a freebie in the Sunday paper here this past weekend, so I grabbed it... It apparently was a contest too -- you could win a trip to New York from London for a few days... But am I eligible? Nope. UK residents only...
This is detail of the base... The whole project took me two days, on and off... It was a little rediculous, but once I was half-way (the easy part was at the beginning) I saw no need to quit!

Here's the top - it's hard to beleive, but there are about 30 individual parts to this picture. The roof was the word part of all of them... Whoever came up with this is either insane, or a masochist.

I just wanted to share ;) More trip pictures soon!

Here's someone else who suffered through it =D : http://arts.guardian.co.uk/greatbuildings/story/0,,2195362,00.html

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