Monday, November 26, 2007

The Harlaxton Costume Ball

Some pretty interesting things happened at Harlaxton Manor on November 16 - it was the annual Harlaxton Costume Ball! We all dress up, show up for a pretty good dinner, and then proceed to place bids in a date auction. The dates included both students and faculty, and all the proceeds went to a local charity. I felt it was important to share some photos from that most regal of nights:

Just so you know, I was dressed as one of the (Wo)Men in Black - defending the planet from scary aliens and such. It gave me an excuse to use my suit :-D

This first one is me and Autumn Jarvis, from Western Kentucky University. She was 'I Just Woke Up' person -- she's wearing my PJ pants!

This is Carolynn England (from Evansville) dressed as a most beautiful Southern Bell in a brand new dress her mom made for her. It was just beautiful!

Here's me and Erica (my roommate, from Evansville). She was a Gypsy!

And then here's me and Jeromie Presnell (also from Evansville) who won 'Best Dressed' for the evening with his Dr. Frank N. Furter costume (from Rocky Horror Picture Show). The kid shaved his legs! And he used my markers for his tattoo!

The night was a big success - we raised a LOT of money for the charity and I think people got some pretty good dates out of the whole business!

For all the photos from the evening, check out:
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