Monday, November 19, 2007

The London Eye

Before I could get to Europe, I had to cut through London and catch the under-channel "Chunnel" train to Brussels. I arrived in London in the early afternoon, reserved my ticket, and found that I had some time to kill. I decided that it was time for me to finally experience the London Eye - the largest Ferris Wheel in the world!

You'll never guess who I bumped into in the Lobby! James Bond!! (Or, at least, a wax mannequin of him!) Oh Pierce Brosnan...

The Eye itself is massive: it rises over 130 meters off the ground and requires about 45 minutes for a full rotation. In the mean time you get to see a collection of stunning views of the city. It is owned by British Airways, so they call a full rotation around the wheel a "Flight." So much changed in the city while I was in the wheel that it certainly felt like I had landed in a different city!

I think I must have chosen the best possible time to take "a flight" on the wheel. For most of the trip it was bright out - dusky twilight began setting in while I was near the end, and by the time I had disembarked and walked far enough away to get a full photo, it was dark - so I basically got to see London (which is such a nocturnal creature!) come alive!

The trip was great - a must for anyone staying in London for a few days. The blue lights add to its ethereal feeling and create a great ambiance for the entire area surrounding it. After my Flight, I stopped for dinner at a placed called "Cucina." I had the Pene Arribbiata & Sausage (very good) as well as a glass of Bardolino (which is also very good!). Next, I set off for Waterloo station and my international train trip!

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