Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Travel Update from Firenze

Hello to everyone back in the States (and anywhere else you may be reading!) - this is Christine and Matthew, reporting live from Firenze (Florence), Italy! We are doing very well, and just wanted to take five minutes to upload some photos, share some news, and mention a few things.

1) We met up in Milan with (relatively) no problems! I didn't get to deposit all of my luggage in Rome before we set out, so we've had to lug it around for the past few days (sorry Matt!) but otherwise things have gone well. We haven't had any problems with the trains or travel arrangements at all, Miland and Venice were both fantastic, and we arrived here in Florence at about 12 noon today. We are here for three nights, then off to Rome for five more nights, then home!

2) Um, we saw Rob Lowe. Yeah, you read that right. In fact, here's a picture - not very good evidence, but the only bit we've got. It's him, walking away in the middle of the shot, with the black jacket and dark hair, and the blonde next to him is his personal tour guide:

Yeah, we were just kind of standing at the corner of this church (the Duomo in Florence) when Matthew says "Is that Rob Lowe?" We kept trying to make out whether or not it was true - and eventually I had the chance to hear him talk and I swear to you, it was indeed Rob Lowe. No kidding. Seriously! He was smoking a cigar, and he touched pink marble! Seriously!!! How do you make something like that up????

Anyway, things are doing good.... we're seeing a lot of great art and architecture, experiencing bits and pieces of Italian culture and having a great time along the way! I, unfortunately, have managed to take the Harlaxton Plague with me so I'm a little under the weather (mostly at night) but I'm not letting that hold me back!

Here's a shot of the Florentine sunset from Ponte Vecchio:

And here's Matthew and I preparing a lovely blog post just for you guys!

And if you thought that photo was staged, it really was not.

Seriously, we saw Rob Lowe.

OK, here's the main part of this post: links. These are the photos we've taken so far, but there are no captions (yet). The albums will be updated once we have time to add captions back in the states.

First of all, you can access all my albums at:

Second, here are the pictures we've taken so far!:
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Dave said...

You freakin saw Rob Lowe?!?! Why the hell didn't you talk to him or something? Matt could have had him sign his copy of West Wing season 2 that he carries around everywhere! I'm quite jealous.

However, you should know you both missed something super awesome in Brookings, SD.

..... um, some guy probably shot something with a gun. I've got nothing.

KJ said...

You saw Rob Lowe AND posed for pictures with pigeons on your heads - how could life get much better?? I'm just wondering how much pigeon poo you both wore home???

PS - I can't wait to look at the pics again when you've added captions because I KNOW you'll have a story for every building/picture/statue - and I love that stuff!

Miss you!