Monday, May 30, 2011

Custom Embossing Folders/Plates

There are definitely some awesome crafters out there, and when you're into a hobby as expensive as rubber stamping (am I right?) its important to find ways to pinch your pennies.

This past year my biggest purchase was a Big Shot - I love it, I actually prefer the non-electric version, and I've found so many wonderful ways to use it that it has become a staple in my supply stock.

But. Accessories, die cuts, embossing folders and the like are all pretty expensive. So for my crafty find of the week, I'd like to share some awesome sites that have shown us how to save some money and still get all the cool embossing we want!
1. Embossing plates using grungeboard: this post over at Mel Stampz looks to be the easiest method. Using pre-cut shapes, Mod Podge, and some cereal box cardboard she was able to make these beautiful clouds!
2. Hand-Cut embossing plate: this one (again at Mel Stampz)is a little more time-consuming, but gets you the ultimate custom look. Totally hand made! I think of all the samples I've seen this one is my favorite! Be sure to check out the variations in this post.
3. Layered cardstock embossing template: this post comes from the Pink Cricut blog. Here she just uses three layers of cut cardstock (from her Cricut) and runs it through a Big Shot with some silicon mats. Nice!

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