Thursday, February 09, 2012

Home Sweet Home Cross Stitch

I have never made it a secret that I am a huge dork.  I usually look fondly at anything with a slight twist of geek-ery thrown in -- but when I get the chance to combine my nerdy world with my crafting world -- well that's pretty much the best ever!

Below is the first cross stitch I've worked on in recent memory.  This is a QR Code, which can be scanned using the barcode scanner feature in your favorite smart phone.  When scanned, QR codes generally provide you with a URL/weblink to take you to a particular website with more information about the product it represents, a phone number, or a plain text message.

In my case, the code reveals a much more traditional message: "Home Sweet Home".


Yup, this is definitely hanging in my entryway - a great combination of traditional home craft and modern technology!  Here's how it happened:

I visited a QR generator site - there are many out there, but this is a great example.  You can type in whatever you want - URL, text, phone number, etc. - click Generate, and the code appears.

Since the image is based on a tiny square grid pattern already, there is no translation needed to begin cross stitching!  Based on the size of your hoop, the grid of your backing, etc, you may have to double all the blocks - but I did mine one for one because I didn't want this to take up too much space.

To learn more about cross stitch, visit this site, which was super helpful for me:

What else could be turned into a crafty QR?
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