Monday, September 03, 2007


This photo was, is, and always shall remain: dedicated to KJ.

It isn't a great picture (of me or the site), but the cart is actually stuck half-way into the wall at King's Cross station!

London was amazing - I spent a lot of time walking, taking the Underground, seeing the sights, and enjoying the city - instead of telling all my stories here, though, I posted comments on the photos I took. You can peruse my albums here.
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KJ said...

You made my day with the Platform 9 3/4 picture!! Thanks for that! Your London pics are fabulous- and I love that you have titles/comments on each of them. My feet hurt just imagining all the miles you must have walked!

Hope classes are going well for you - ours start today and I must admit I'm excited. Take care of yourself ~ KJ

Gwen said...

Uber jealous! But I am glad to hear that things are going well!