Thursday, September 06, 2007

Oh those crazy Brits (well, the Architects at least...)

I hope these pictures turn out...

So I had the opportunity to go on a guided tour of our Manor House yesterday, and learned a LOT about this building, namely the justifications for a lot of the architecture and style (I can now identify the differences between Victorian, Elizabethan, Baroque and Classical Architecture!) but there was one thing in particular that stuck out as fascinating...

Exhibit 1: The Problem
The door, which is used to block out light/cold air from the large window (to the left) in the dining room, cannot close all the way because the decorative moulding on the column is in the way (bottom right), and leaves a gap (at the top) between the door and the wall. The column can't be moved because that would throw off the symmetry of the entire room, and you can't take away the moulding because then it would be dissimilar to the rest of the room and look incomplete.

Exhibit 2: The Solution
Why not use some sneaky springs to allow the moulding to sink into the wall as the door pushes it? Shown here is the door just beginning to push the spring-loaded moulding into the column.

Exhibit 3: The Closed Door
Here is a shot of what the moulding looks like once it's been pushed all the way in. Those silly architects - geniuses!

Exhibit 4: Me.
This is just a silly picture of me exploring one of the secret passageways here in the Manor House :)

It's been a busy week here at Harlaxton, but classes are finished (yes, I only have class for four of the five days of the week). Tomorrow I will be touring the Lincoln Cathedral in nearby Lincolnshire for a British Studies field trip. I'll be practicing my architecture-style identification skills and (probably) doing a little shopping at their Friday afternoon market! Pictures to come soon!

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KJ said...

Any place that has a secret passageway is A-OK in my book!!

I forgot to tell you I watched Star Wars last weekend and thought of you :-)

Collin said...

Dude. Spring loaded moldings. That shit blows my mind. Those crazy brits indeed.

Matthew said...

This post was split between the top of the blog and the bottom for some reason! Made following the door springs explanation hard. Very cool though.