Thursday, September 20, 2007

Travel Planning

I've learned that travel planning is hard. I think I was given the impression that planning trips here would be a breeze, but it most definitely is not. Harlaxton Manor isn't located in the best of places in terms of travel - every time you consider a flight or train, you need to factor time to get from Grantham (our city here) to wherever your train/flight departs from.

Of course, the cheapest flights and trains depart very early in the morning and return very late in the evening - but trains into and out of Grantham run on limited hours. Which means you either pay nearly double for a more conveniently-timed flight, or you book a place to stay the night before/day after. Booking hotels/hostels of course means more money (provided you can find a decent one) and possibly missing class time (there's a very strict absence policy to prevent students from just spending a month in Paris).

So far, I've tried booking trips to: Barcelona, Madrid, Prague, Vienna, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Paris, Dublin, Toledo and Penzance. I've even been willing to spend a bit more than most. How many have actually been booked? None.

Sometimes, it just gets to be a little frustrating...

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