Thursday, November 29, 2007

Classes are Over!

Today (Thursday) I attended my last class of the semester (Marketing). It was good to finally have classes behind me, and know that I only have exams to go through. On Sunday I have a paper to turn in, on Monday I have my Environmental Science exam, then Wednesday is the big British Studies exam - it will be pretty intense.

Since British Studies is such a large part of the curriculum here (every student is required to take this intense, 6-credit course) - I thought a few pictures on the last day of class were warranted. Above is the room in which we have class. I was standing in a back corner as people were filling in. Roughly 180 people fill that room every Monday and Wednesday morning for a one hour lecture. The four British Studies Faculty (Dr. Edward Bujak, Dr. Helen Snow, Dr. David Green and Dr. James Owen) rotate lecture topics.

The photo below is Dr. Green during lecture. Normally there's a power-point with photos to accompany the class sessions, but this was the final lecture and geared more toward an overall review of the semester.

And then here's me with the faculty! From left to right: me, Dr. Snow, Dr. Green, Dr. Owen and Dr. Bujak. After lecture we all break up into small groups and the professors lead further conversation - Dr. Bujak is my Seminar leader.

It's nice to be done with classes, that's for sure. I don't know if I like everything about the class, but it was definitely a benefit to my education. I guess I can't go back and change anything now, so there's no use complaining about it -- but man, it's just good to be done!
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