Saturday, December 01, 2007

Forbidden Harlaxton Tours

This looks like the same old shot of the same old Manor house you've been seeing all semester, doesn't it. Well maybe you should look a little closer. See the bell tower, right in the middle? There's a clock face just underneath the top dome part, and right beneath that clock face is a little balcony -- and what's that I see on the balcony?

Why it's me!
There are certain parts of Harlaxton that students are not permitted to enter. One of them is the railway tunnel (got to see that one earlier in the semester - check), another is the flats at the top of the Cedar staircase (I guess not even maintenance goes up there anymore - they're waiting for some grant money to be able to make it safer), and another is the bell tower/front balcony. There are drainage pipes that run along the floor up there that are very old and fragile, so they don't like to bring people out there all that often. However, for one day of the semester, they arrange for short little ten-minute excursions up top.

In case you're wondering, I'm the one in the blue. It was neat to get up there. These pictures all came from my roommate, who was kind enough to be downstairs and outside at the exact moment I was going to be up there.

Of course, I returned the favor - here's a view of me waiting at the front gates to take a picture of my roommate up in the Balcony. It's such an elaborate system!
The tour was neat, and it was an opportunity to check another location off my list of places to see here. It's fun to keep discovering this Manor over and over - and I have to admit, it helped put a little bit of an exclamation point to the end of the semester.

We leave in about five more days! Eek!
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