Sunday, November 04, 2007

Fall Time at Harlaxton

So it's Fall time here at Harlaxton! And I took the opportunity to run around, get some great shots, and then get a little creative with my photo editor!

Here's one of my favorites from the whole set - this is a view of the South-West-facing wall of the Manor, but the morning light was hitting it so well, and it just made the whole thing look absolutely fabulous! Add a little soft glow with the editor, and it makes the whole scene look dreamy!

This is the SW wall again, looking straight down that pathway with trees that was cutting across the last picture. This one I turned Sepia and darkened a bit -- I imagine this is what the shot would have looked like years and years ago! I think it gives a sense of age to the stately manor!

And the colors of the fall leaves here are glorious! I found this one little bright orange tree set amongst a bunch of evergreens, and wanted to play with my focal black and white, so here's the tree, a splash of color!

We have a lot of lions here at Harlaxton. In fact, we're technically called the Harlaxton Lions! The statues can be found all over the manor, but this one was looking into the sun and the shadows were beautiful. The original shot is wonderful too, but I turned it black and white and added some shade to make it incredibly powerful (at least I think so!). I might even feel like the picture was taken at night in the moonlight...

Anyway, all of the pictures from this set were absolutely wonderful, and the whole album can be found at:

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Michael Zlatkovsky said...

Great lion photo! And way to keep a blog (let alone on blogger, and not succumb to the livejournal trend).