Sunday, November 04, 2007

London, Part 2

  1. I'll use this as my last update about the trip with Whitney -- there was just so much that happened, but I've fallen too far behind in updating! You should check out the album (link is at the bottom of this post) for all kinds of details on all the little things we saw!

    Anyway, here we are at Harrod's! It was incredible, and probably the largest store I've ever been in. It was a little bit crazy to just be walking past rooms full of Prada, Louis Vittone and Diamonds (yes, rooms full of diamonds, it was unbelievable).

Look familiar? It's THE crosswalk, outside of Abbey Road studios, where the Beatles' famous 'Abbey Road' was recorded and the album-cover shot was taken. It wasn't sunny this day, but it definitely feels a little reminiscent!

The studio itself has a white wall along the outside, and there must be thousands upon thousands of signatures on the wall. I think the studio must have to paint it over multiple times per year, but still it gets signed and colored. It was amazing to just walk down along it and see all the different comments, the commemorations to the Beatles, the jokes, the stories, etc. It truly is a shrine!

The trip with Whitney was outstanding - and there are a lot more pictures, I just have to get my hands on them! Until that happens, you should check out the photos I DO have, at

And as always, you can check out all my albums at

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