Sunday, August 03, 2008

A Layered Wedding Cake

I'm going to start working on blogging again, and I thought putting my crafting projects out here on a regular basis would be a good way to start. So here we go - a wedding card!

This is based on a stamp that is meant to be layered. You stamp the image multiple times, choose different parts of each layer to cut out (each layer becoming smaller and smaller), decorate the different layers, and stack them together with some dimensional foam stickies in between.

The finished project, when colored in and embellished, can be as elaborate or simple as you like:

The key is to add depth to the decoration with the foam dots. This photo kind of shows how the three layers of my image stacked up. The bottom layer was the entire image. The middle layer is the cake and the ribbon. The top layer is just the ribbon.

When it's all done and decorated up, you get a nice little piece that can be made to match the wedding party's colors. The central image itself is pretty busy, so the more simple your background, the better!

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