Monday, January 07, 2008

My latest update

Well glory of glories, we have water! Our house has been without running water since before Christmas – our property runs an old-fashioned shallow well (I’ve learned all about them in recent weeks) and there were a few things wrong with it. Mechanical and environmental (you always run the risk of having the entire thing freeze up in cold winters). Long story short (and a few hundred dollars later), we’re back in business. I can’t tell you how fantastic that is…

And on top of it, since the water has come back on I’ve repaired a leaky sink faucet and toilet – so I’m feeling rather handy!

And on top of all of that, my grandma taught me how to Knit! Well, Knit and Purl, but whether I can really do either one remains to be seen. Anyway, always fun to have a new skill under my belt!

By the way – I also found out that I’ll be traveling to MAFL’s #5 and 6 in Dekalb for my first-ever judging experience! To all those Eau Claire-ians going, I can’t wait to catch up! And to those of you I may be judging… I’m sorry in advance! It’ll be good to get back into the swing of things with that…

Matthew and I are working desperately on commenting Italy photos, but he’s busy and I’m a little handicapped by our dial-up connection – but never fear! Eventually Italy will be finished. And thanks to Matt’s ingenuity, we’ll be condensing our favorite photos from each city down into a single “Highlights/Best Of” Album for your viewing pleasure. I anticipate that album to be the show-and-tell from our trip, and the rest of them more for our own personal enjoyment.

Well – that’s just the update! As always you can find the photo albums at - just pick your favorite one and click the album cover to see the rest.

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