Monday, February 23, 2009

A Tour

To: My Dearest Deidra -I'm in a punchy mood, and was taking pictures of my craft projects -- and figured since you've not been to my apartment, I wanted you to see what it was like.

First, our main 'living room' area..... the space from kitchen (entryway) to window is one long rectangle. We put Matt's futon across in the middle to divide it up into two kind of spaces.... Just to the left is our TV and stuff -- but lots of plants that we're trying to keep alive!

And then here's the wall just to the left of the above picture - our bookshelves :)

And then back at the entryway (I basically stood in one spot and pivoted to take all these pictures) is the kitchen area. To the right of this picture would be the office/crafting room which is a mess, and to the left of the picture the master bedroom.

Awww, wasn't that fun?
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed. You look so domestic.

Also, I am saddened as our separation continues. *sigh*

I'd reply with my own tour, but you've seen my mess.