Sunday, July 24, 2011

Diving Back In!

Well - I have to say, it has been MONTHS since I could report this but -- I have comleted some new cards! I attended a retreat in April and had a wonderful time. After the trip back home though I unloaded my boxes of supplies into the apartment but... knowing I would be moving again within a few months, thought it best to *gulp* leave everything in boxes...

Since that time, I've attended a few catalog parties, the big Spring Rubber Stamp/Scrap convention at the Fair Grounds, fell in love with the new Catalog company A Muse Studio (well - they've been around a while, they're new to catalogs...), signed up for and received their demonstrator starter kit, received in the mail a few other orders I had placed......................... and haven't been able to play with ANY of it!

Then what was worse - I moved at the beginning of June, was mostly settled in within a few weeks, have had multiple opportunities to sit down and scrap - but was hitting a wall of creative block so thick it was ... well, it was pretty frustrating. I think there's probably more than a little to be said about where my head is at and how my subconscious was trying to tell me things - but we'll leave the psychoanalysis for another day.

Here are a few cards I drafted up using both some of my new products and also some old product I've had lying around. I really liked playing with some new blending tricks using my Tim Holtz blending tools nad my new spinner/holder for them (I've been wanting one forever!). I also found that, when I was stuck in a bind, I was able to quickly shake it loose by turning to my stash of punches and looking for new/exciting ways to layer/use them.

It was really nice to break into my supplies again. Here's to many happy returns :)



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