Sunday, September 18, 2011

Scrapfest Inspired Me!

Hello again!  I can't really figure out how to set the timing of this thing to auto-post at regular intervals, or I'd be able to have more regular posts with less content...  Instead, you get a dump of ALL the cards I worked on tonight!

Many of these feature stamps from A|Muse Studio.  I'm pretty much in love with them, as their designs speak to me pretty easily and their idea book is just fantastic.  The quality of products so far has been pretty high.

This one features some distress ink sprayed down with water to give a bleeded edge look.  The background is an AMS stamp in their super light tan right on Kraft cardstock.  Very beautiful in person...

This is definitely my least favorite of the three, but I HAVE to start using this Washi tape.  And I promise that in person the pinks match a lot better than they do in this image...

This is a fun light blue/orange birthday card.  Going for the whole "A little birdie told me" without actually saying it :) I also used the Stampin' Up punch guide to line up the holes for my brads and mistakenly put them WAY to close to each other...  I freaked out and thought I'd have to restart the whole card ,but it eventually grew on me.  Let this be a lesson to EMBRACE imperfection because really, it looks JUST FINE!

This is actually my favorite card, not just because it has coffee in it... this was my first EVER attempt at paper piercing, and this paper look so great in person :)  Just a fun project all around!

And finally a little mini card I made with some leftover pieces - second attempt at paper piercing.  Never let those scraps go to waste!

Hope you enjoyed!

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K.Dingfelder said...

Beautiful! I think your inspiration has now inspired me to get to work on some cards in the studio too!!