Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bottlecap Magnets

Found these pictures recently and wanted to share - a project that I was even able to get Matthew interested in helping with :)

Our intent is to give these as gifts - maybe stuck to an actual six pack?  Hmmm???

We started by collecting bottlecaps of various kinds - which wasn't all that difficult given our liquid consumption rate :)

We experimented with quite a few different ways to flatter the bottle caps - it was worth it, because it revealed a lot of different looks for the caps.  A rubber mallot straight to the top of the used bottle caps flattened out the sharp bottoms while curving the tops in (served to remove dents and gave a rather handsome concavity to it).  A large soup spoon, hammered with curved side to the bottom teeth of the bottle cap, gave us a fanned out almost flower-like look (2nd pic).

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K.Dingfelder said...

Very nice! I'm working towards filling mine with epoxy... but it's tricky stuff!