Saturday, May 19, 2012

Bingo Card Printables to Share

Hi friends!  Recently I wanted to create a few files that I could print at home for scrappy purposes.  I know I'm way too cheap to pay full price for some of this stuff... 

So I turned to the Googleator and found the following post from 2008 at The Frugal Crafter:

I took the files available there and did some editing with MS Paint and Picasa to modify colors.  
  1. I thought blue, red, and green were really effective vintage-y colors, and they all show up a little different on different types of paper.
  2. The first version has no header - you can add your own words (BINGO; SPRING; HAPPY; SMILE; the abbreviation for a Month; etc.)  The second one has no numbers in it.  This is pretty much exactly from the source site above.  Next I made a version with a Red Star.  Finally, a version with title and numbers, but in 4 colors.
  3. You can print these on any color cardstock, but use Cream/Beige for a true vintage look; use White if you want to do completely custom inking; use Kraft for a rustic/grunge-y look.  Try them out and see what you get.
  4. Inkjet printer ink will bleed when wet.  If you plan to do some inking, try to find a photocopier or laserjet printer.
  5. When printing, tell your printer software to print these like 3x5 photos without cropping.  You should be able to fit 4 per page.
Finally, how to get the files.  The images below are tiny.  Visit my Picasa album and save full size copies of each that you want to print.


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