Saturday, May 26, 2012

Reason for the Season Scrapbook Pages

This is the official beginning of pages I created at my retreat.  I had a great time this year, but it was definitely a lot of work.  I'm not sure if I'm meant for these retreats, but I can definitely promise you that I'm almost never more productive than I am when at this cabin!

First up are a few sets of pages I created using old "blank" pages that I had created a while back, but never added photos to.

There is a large part of me that really enjoys creating empty projects/creating without specific photos in mind.  I know that I'm a lot faster and (honestly, I believe this)  more creative when I'm not trying to build a page around specific photos - I usually end up liking the empty pages a lot more than the ones I create with photos.


It can really be a bear sometimes trying to match up photos to the right page afterward...  Just sayin'.  I'm going to keep thinking about this little dilemma...

Anyway, on to the good stuff!  Behold, a two page layout:


This page was a ton of fun to make - the trees are fun, it used up some old patterned paper I had lying around, and featured my favorite little man.

This page was a good exercise in thinking about complementary colors.  With those photos, it was SUPER TEMPTING to try to find a page with a ton of red in it (to pull out Elmo) - instead I focused on his teal nightcap and tried to bring in more blues to my already-very-green layout.

I'm going to re-do the journaling with some white (not beige) lined paper - but that little rectangle is stitched so I'll try to save that.

Finally, you'll see that I've really fallen in love with the idea of the three little banners up in the top-left corner!

I can't name the source of just about anything on that page, but the letters are cut out using my Cricut and the  Jubilee cartridge with the "Runt" effect.
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