Monday, November 26, 2007

The Great Harlaxton Christmas Tree

On Friday, November 23 the Harlaxton Christmas Tree was brought into the Great Hall and decorated by students and faculty. It's a real tree, from somewhere nearby I think - but everyone got to come down for snacks, hot chocolate, Christmas tunes, and some good old tree-decorating fun. Near the beginning the silver Tinsel that was being used was a little heavy on the bottom (we didn't have ladders!) but I think the faculty came back later and redistributed it a bit. Now it looks great!

Had to get a shot with the Roommate on Tree Decorating day!

And here's Carolynn and I, having oodles of fun!

They're doing a lot to help make sure we keep busy and feel loved during these last few weeks. Thanksgiving marked exactly two weeks until we leave, and things wrap up pretty quickly. The last week of classes and final exams are coming up - then I'm off to Italy and Home! See everyone soon!
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