Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Adventures

Merry Christmas everyone! What a holiday season it has turned out to be so far! I managed to let the "Curse of the Bravada" terrorize me once again - no sooner had I jumped back into the Bravada to enjoy a ride back up to Hurley for Christmas did the front driver-side wheel fall off. Well, not off off, but certainly angle off. The ball joint (or one of them, I think) broke and my brother Shawn (being the picture of calm that he is) handled the whole situation beautifully. We were off on the side of the road and working out towing.

So Christmas didn't exactly turn out the way everyone planned, but I'm grateful for the help we got. Lord knows we need it! Anyway, I came back down to EC for just a few days to wait for the car to be finished. I picked it up today (my Christmas gift was new ball joints?) and I'm planning to drive it back up North tomorrow afternoon.

I must say though, after four months... it was nice to get behind the wheel once again ;)

And, just for your Holiday Season viewing pleasure - enjoy this beautiful photo!

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Anonymous said...

Just please tell me it isn't another pet ......